Tom Burge - Oaremead Farm, Exmoor

Farms 1500 NZ Highlander and Romney cross ewes alongside 117 suckler cows, Toms' key challenge is to
maximise homegrown forage production and eliminate purchased feed on the farm.
"Working with a Precision Grazing allowed me to look at the business from another angle, take the pressure off, and give a financial benefit”.

Rhidian Glyn - Machynlleth, North Wales

Rhidian farms over 700 acres, ranging from 800-1, 250 ft. The farm carries 850 Ewes and contract rears 300 dairy heifers each year, over the last few years investment into infrastructure and grassland management has allowed significant cost saving and performance improvement for the business.
“Working with Precision Grazing has given the ability to phone someone who understands the business and gives continual support which is key for my business moving forward”.

Humphry Wells - Oxfordshire

Humphry farms over 1200 Ha of Organic farmland in Oxfordshire, challenged by farming on a flood plain and SSSI's the beef and sheep enterprise requires careful management throughout the year.
“Precision grazing has really helped us make the most of our grass, and already we can see the benefits it is bringing to our business in terms of production, and economic return in the future”.

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