Providing quality, tailored advice to each individual business

If subsidy is what makes your farm business profitable then you have the choice of:

  1. Changing your business
  2. Doing nothing and keeping your fingers crossed.

However this period does not provide enough time for an expensive “trial and error” approach to changing the farm business.

Most change does not involve high capital investment.  Decisions about pasture management and livestock have the greatest effect on the profitability of a business.  Often those decisions can be hard to see from within the business or hard for one individual to justify to the family.

Services include:

  • Farm business financial appraisals
  • Livestock enterprise appraisals
  • Benchmarking and KPI
  • Cost/benefit analysis of a range of systems
  • Whole business/enterprise budgets and feasibility
  • Joint venture arrangements
  • Long term business strategy
  • Environmental impact review

Our focus is to implement change down to farm level for whole business success.