The volatility of the weather coupled and the unknown outcome of Brexit is putting extra pressure on farm business like yours who may or may not have the security of the BPS payment until 2020.  If subsidy is what makes your farm business profitable then you have the choice of:

  1. Changing your business
  2. Doing nothing and keeping your fingers crossed. 

However this period does not provide enough time for an expensive “trial and error” approach to changing the farm business. 

Precision Grazing can help accelerate this process of change, using our experience fast track the business to profitability and social success.   

Most change does not involve high capital investment.  Decisions about pasture management and livestock have the greatest effect on the profitability of a business.  Often those decisions can be hard to see from within the business or hard for one individual to justify to the family.



Alongside our experience we use an advanced farm analysis program developed in New Zealand for grazing livestock enterprises.  It helps us review our clients current farming system then plan for and implement changes to reduce cost and increase production.  Its advantage is that it allows different scenarios to be modelled and assessed BEFORE they are implemented on farm saving time and money.

Where there is a need to improve pasture utilisation we are able to design grazing systems, supported by GPS mapping and water system engineering, following this project though to installation.  This in-house capability means plans get implemented and changes happen on the farm level.  This is not a “report writing” service, we deliver change at a farm level to enable business success.

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