Precision Grazing

The Precision Grazing team are experienced and accredited users of FARMAX, helping clients to understand their farms’ potential and working with them to plan and, more importantly,  implement system changes.

  •  Regional consultants covering sheep, beef, dairy and deer
  •  Pasture first approach to livestock systems
  •  Help businesses find the balance: profit vs lifestyle vs environment


FARMAX is a feed and financial budgeting tool helping farmers better plan, monitor, review and analyse their farm operations so they do not leave any cash in the paddock.

  • ‘Brexit-proof’ your farm and design a farm plan which makes a  pre-subsidy profit
  •  Optimise your system to get the best balance of stock, cropping, feeds and nitrogen for your farm
  •  Track the performance of your farm through the season to make  informed decisions
  • Both  forecasting and ‘what if’ / whole system change scenarios.


Proven Benefit: farms that use FARMAX have a 78% higher Gross Margin/ha compared to those that don’t (based on an 8 year NZ average output).

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