Discussion Groups

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Discussion Groups

Joining the precision grazing discussion group has been a very beneficial experience for me in a number of ways. It allows me to be part of a team of farmers who all share knowledge and experiences, meaning that I have a place to go to ask questions. We bounce ideas off each other, offering our thoughts and opinions which can lead to ‘out of the box’ thinking”.

Ian Norbury, Mobberley Angus, Cheshire

The Value

Becoming part of the group allows you to mix with forward-thinking, progressive, and open-minded farmers.

The knowledge, experience and advice held within the group is invaluable for members to help reach business and personal goals, however big or small.

What The Group Offers

– Four regional groups, meeting on-farm 4x per year with a facilitator
– WhatsApp group for all members with daily discussions, questions and photos!
– Regular virtual meetings with a facilitator or expert speakers
– Annual national meeting/social

“The group has been very beneficial as a young person, it’s fantastic to be involved with open farmers with lots of new ideas. It’s reassuring to hear others struggles and how they overcome them, there is an incredible amount of knowledge shared in the group”

Humphrey Wells, FAI Farms, Oxford.

“I think the best part for me is the fact that there have been a number of ‘lightbulb’ moments, brought on by something somebody has asked or shared, when I have least been expecting it, thus keeping me focused when I otherwise wouldn’t be. Finally, it is such a great feeling to be part of a large team when farming can be such an isolated job. It feels like there is always a team of experts at hand”.

Ian Norbury, Mobberley Angus, Cheshire