Online Courses

Online Courses

We have a range of online courses which cover the key principles and knowledge required for successful grazing management. They enable you to study at your own pace whenever and wherever suits!


Principles of Grazing Management

Confused about how to get started with grazing management or which technique you should be using?

In this course you will about the different types of grazing management and how they relate to your farming system and future goals. We also cover the key management principles and software tools to help you understand how to plan and manage a grazing system that will deliver high-performance results on your farm!

Grazing System Infrastructure

Not sure on what materials to use, or if you should erect 1 Wire or 2 or 3?!

This course covers the range of electric fencing materials available from temporary fencing to permanent fencing. It uses practical examples as well as providing top tips for installing. It will also show you how to plan a livestock water systems using permanent or mobile troughs. This course is a must for anyone considering an investment in electric fencing or water systems for managed grazing.